Self-Initiated Campaign Launch
As tension mounts for the upcoming season, filled with questions, queries, theories and guesses, I created a launch campaign experience to fuel the desire for new release. Collaboration with Copywriter Lottie Couldrey.
Winter is here, and you have Seven characters. Make yours.
A hero image for the campaign from the book 'Winter is here'. This would be the focal and most recognisable image.
A showcase of the seven characters that have the potential to take over the throne, displayed for Sky Atlantic.
Airbrushed characters and illustrated backgrounds; combinations of hand-drawn, computer-drawn, and photomontage. Here are some of the closeups and detail.
Turning the idea into a campaign; with the idea, I aimed to create an experiential campaign that targeted its audience across all platforms. This is one example of a printed invitation to the initial stage of the experiential space (shown below). This space is varied in every section displayed within the scamp of the floor plan.


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