Working as an In-House Designer & Creative, I have designed the Willis re-brand and corporate identity, brand guidelines and branded templates, working with management composing the design of the Willis database, undergoing the new website design, whilst being an In-House Photographer, Graphic and Product Designer for a range of drink brands.

Brands worked on and with for product, graphic and presentation design include:
Projects include working multiple high profile brands and orders, innovating POS material and product design, product photography, artworking, and producing perfecting pitch presentations - printed and digital.
A huge part of my role was product innovation. 
‘We would like something like a coaster or place setter, for a glass and a space for either
a mixer, or to be able to chop a lime or display a lime, or maybe for food’

This is an example of one of the products designed; from being briefed to creating scamps of the ideas, taking it through to material testing and experimentation, then to final product in a photoshoot, which are now being used across the UK.
Product photography was a huge part of my role, to make sure that the photos were taken and used professionally, Here are some of the photos used for the website and printed sales catalogues, as well as ‘collection’ photographs I took to showcase some of Willis Publicities work.
The Willis Operations  |  The Complete Re-Brand

Willis Publicity owned and worked with a collection of companies, known as the Willis Operations. Having been in operation for a number of years with minimal attention to the brand identity of any of the companies, it was time for a complete re-brand of all of the companies was needed. The idea behind the organisations is for them to represent a family of companies, so the branding styles are sibling-like: similar with their own distinctions.

Diamond Signs & Displays
- Specialises in wooden products, chalkboard signs, and general (drink-industry) everyday items.
Custom Cast Products
- A company that produces highly crafted, bespoke resin products.
Diamond Printed Products
- Specialises in plastics and injection moulding.
Willis Warehouse
- Printers and large stock warehouse.
Willis Far East
- The contacts that operate in the Chinese office, sourcing products.


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