Lucozade Ribena Suntory
Whilst contracted by LRS, I had the joy of working for, and with, the In-House Creative Team, TED, the agencies they work with, and the leaders of Suntory UK. As LRS has a number of products, I got to work on a selection of their brands including Lucozade, Ribena, Ribena Artistry, Orangina, FitWater, Fruit Punch, Internal Creative Stationery and Internal Comms for Suntory and the CEO.
As a Creative Graphic Designer, I worked across print, digital, art-working, animation and strong focus on ideation. Below are a range of projects for the different platforms and different brands. 
As I worked with a number of people, please contact for further information for who I shared each creative journey with, what role I played within the team, and to see any more work.
Here are some pieces for Ribena's Autumn 'Hot Ribena' and Winters 'Winter Spice'
Ribena wanted to modernise and start appealing visually to a healthier market with their work on reducing sugar content, whilst giving a modern and fresh look. The concept was taking Ribena back to its natural currants with a rustic and organic feel.
Sport collaboration for the Lionesses England Football Team 2019. The aim of this was to capture the motion and movement of sport, the togetherness of the team, and the uprising support of women football.


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